Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Style Voice...Beyond Stardoll

Hello! Welcome to the new blog!! A club will be up soon, and I will be advertising my butt off! But for now, my dear stardollian, please follow and subscribe to my blog.

But first off, I will explain Style Voice. SV is a stardoll blog that shows off the newest stardoll trends and has medoll, writing, style, and random contests. Infact, I will be starting off with a style contest! The themes will be different and for the contests I will rotate off kinds.

The first will be Cycle 1 of Medoll Style Voice (C1MSV) Please keep updated because the contests and more details will be posted June 10th, or possibly before. And for the first task you will have to June 23rd, or maybe a shorter period depending on if I will have technology when on my vacay! But for now, just stay updated, follow, tell friends, and whatever else. BTDubbs, I'm going to need contest judges, so if you are somewhat destinguished in the stardoll community, please starmail me, I am LoveSophiaRae, but as I will refer to myself on this blog, I am LSR.

So thanks for all the support! I really appreciate it all. I am so inspired by stardoll, and the idea that fashion goes beyond just things you wear. I see this as a great oppurtunity, so please, FOLLOW! haha (:
                                                                Peace Out Yo :P

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